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Never down


Never down

Maybe from long time ago, I never think about live with myself. And all of I want to do is just forget myself. Everybody says if you try to do something, most probably you will get a converse solution. I’m lucky. In the endless darkness, finally, I know, a man grow up is not only make himself become stronger or learn more knowledges but know himself deeper and become a man who can live with the darkness comfortable. Befor, I’m too self-righteous to look for good and evil, but forget the most important thing what is the balance between kind and evil. “Do not go gentle into that good night.” Different time it has different means, for everything for everyone. But the count never change, on different way using different way. Only in this way, you can contral yourself without hesitation. just rage rage against the endless darkness, and try to contral it, because you know, harder to contral means bigger power. Now, the biggest black hole is formed.

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